Block 15 anniversary beer releases, Intergalactic Hop Shop, Mug Club membership & March pub specials.

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We're celebrating our 8th anniversary on Saturday, March 12th with the release of two limited beers. Both will be available at our downtown Pub when our doors open at 11am. Be on the lookout for an epic Saturday-only food special as well!

(We won't be hosting a brunch for this bottle release, so both are first-come, first-served.)


Imperial Double IPA
11% ABV

Our Imperial Double IPA is brewed with pale & pilsner malts, dextrose, and a whole lot of Northwest grown hops. The incredible aspect of this beer is the perfect balance between luscious hop characters, unobtrusive but supporting malt, and crisp water treatment.

$4 / 16 oz can
Limit 12


Red Farmhouse Ale
7.5% ABV

This red farmhouse was designed as an anniversary offering for one our favorite beer chefs. After his restaurant unexpectedly closed, the beer was left to mature in port barrels for an additional year and a half, undergoing a fortuitous transformation into the luscious beer that it is today. Fortuitous balances complex malt character with soft acidity, alongside notes of stone cherry, plum, nuts, and persimmon.

$11 / 500mL bottle
Limit 4





Since you asked so nicely - we decided to brew it again!

Originally brewed as a one-off to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Chuck's Hop Shop in Seattle, batch no. 2 of Intergalactic Hop Shop is now freshly kegged and headed to a small selection of Block 15 draft accounts around Oregon.

It's also on tap at our South Corvallis tap room.




Inspired by Ireland, this month's pub food specials have us looking to aged Irish cheddar, hearty veggies, fork-tender beef, and—of course—our iconic pub stout Nebula.


Painted Hills chuck braised with onions, carrots, celery, and Gathering Together Farm’s parsnips. Topped with creamy mashed potatoes and aged Irish cheddar baked to golden perfection.


Melted Irish cheddar on toasted sourdough with grilled Hill Meat Co.’s shaved ham and our sun-dried tomato pesto make for a delightful Irish grilled cheese sandwich.


Painted Hills natural beef mixed with our Nebula Stout, onions, garlic, and pepper. Topped with melted aged Irish cheddar, red pepper & parsley mayo, Denison Farms’ spinach, and tomato. Served on a toasted house baked bun.


Pictured here: Brewer's Board with aged Irish white cheddar, house pickled Gathering Together Farms’ beets, Brussels sprouts, Olympia Provisions Saucisson D’Arles (pork and salt salami), Queen Bee honey and house baked ale bread.




The renewal process for our 2016 - 2017 Mug Club year is starting, which means that we may have spots open for new members! We have moved to a lottery-style selection to avoid creating a long wait list—enter below with your name and email. Entries will close on April 12th, and we will notify you of the results on April 15th.

Good luck, and thanks for supporting your local Corvallis brewpub!


The Block 15 Team